CAPLUGS protecting cover

Caplugs was founded in Buffalo, New York in 1948; for nearly 60 years, caplugs has been a leading enterprise in the product protection industry. In 2003, the parent company of caplugs acquired Niagara caps & plugs, bringing the two industry giants together and providing the largest and widest range of product protection solutions. At present, the merged company boasts manufacturing plants in Buffalo, New York, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles, California

We know that the needs of our customers tend to evolve and become more special; therefore, we recruit design engineers from various disciplines and focus on customizing product protection solutions for our customers. In a few weeks, these people can complete the component design, manual sample production, and production mold processing tools. By trying new material formulation and molding technology, we can get the most advanced product design and component manufacturing technology. Caplugs has positioned these people as the industry leaders

Caplugs is a leading supplier of protective caps and plugs for injection molding in North America. Our products include threaded and unthreaded, tapered and straight edged, made of low and high density polyethylene, thermoplastics, high temperature resistant plastics and other materials.

Caplugs has developed a patented and revolutionary injection molding process for vinyl parts, which can produce high precision and high elasticity components. At present, caplugs is still developing a variety of materials, including high temperature resistance, which can be used to produce more than 25 standard types of components.

Caplugs' extrusion capacity enables the production of transparent plastic tubes, side linings for rough metal edges, and sheet and barrel protection nets.

Caplugs is manufactured to precise specifications and minimum tolerances to ensure that every part reaches the highest level of quality and homogeneity.

QS 9000 certification ISO 9001:2000 certification ISO 14000 certification
The internal policy of continuous quality improvement enables us to meet and exceed customer expectations
we received "supplier awards" from major customers like Ford and GM
we hold the latest ISO and QS certificates