Gala company profile

Gala Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is located in thane, India. It has passed the certification of TS 16949:2002 and has become the largest disc spring manufacturer in Asia. After more than 30 years of R & D and production of disc spring, disc spring has become the pillar product of Gala. And has become an expert manufacturer in the disc spring manufacturing industry circle. Gala has unique ultra large load test design and surface treatment technology, and is always manufactured in strict accordance with German DIN standards. Gala has good business relations with many famous manufacturers, such as abb, Siemens, Vestas, Suzlon, John Deere, etc.

Gala disc spring:

Disc spring is a kind of washer spring with truncated cone section made of metal sheet or forging blank. Its characteristics are as follows:

It has high stiffness, strong shock absorption capacity, and can bear large load with small deformation, which is suitable for the occasions with small axial space requirements.

This spring has a wide range of nonlinear characteristics.

With the same disc spring and different combination methods, the spring characteristics can be changed in a wide range. It can be combined by means of lamination and lamination, and can also be combined with different thickness and different number of pieces.

Features of Gala disc spring:

L diversity of raw materials

L high fatigue life

L customizable surface coating

L arrive on time

Standard parts:

Gala has developed a complete set of standard product series according to din2093 and din6796 German standards. The two German standards mentioned above are regarded as the basis for quality assurance of Belleville springs and conical washers worldwide. At present, only a few companies in the world can meet the above two strict standards, and Gala is one of them. Gala has developed dies for all disc spring series to which din2093 standard belongs, such as 1 set (thickness < 1.25 mm), 2 sets (thickness = 1.25 mm to 6 mm), and 3 sets (thickness > 6 mm). All standard sizes according to series a, B or C can be obtained in these groups.



To a large extent, disc spring is replacing cylindrical coil spring.

Gala disc spring is widely used in:

For actuators and ball valves

Conical gaskets for use on electrical connections / switchgear

Disc spring used in wind turbine