FILTEC threaded insert

Disc spring used in wind turbine

French filtec thread sheath is a new type of internal thread fastener, which can be embedded in metal or non-metallic materials to form high strength, wear-resistant, interchangeable standard internal thread, and can also be used to repair worn or damaged internal thread holes. The threaded sheath is a spiral coil accurately formed by diamond wire, which is a concentric body of internal and external threads, and one end of which is provided with a radial bending mounting handle. In the free state, the diameter of the thread sheath is slightly larger than that of the internal thread. During the assembly process, the torque applied by the installation tool to the mounting handle causes the diameter of the guide ring to shrink elastically, so as to enter the internal thread hole drilled with the special thread of the thread sheath, After installation, the thread sheath will produce expansion similar to the spring action, so that it is firmly fixed in the inner screw hole, thus forming a high-precision internal thread in line with international standards. The uneven stress distribution between the bolt and the screw hole is caused by the pitch and angle error, which can be balanced by the elasticity of the thread sheath, and all the spiral lines can share the load. According to their functions, the threaded sheath can be divided into two types: ordinary type and locking type. The locking type thread sheath has all the functions of the ordinary model, but also has the thread locking ability, which depends on its polygon locking elastic force to brake the bolt.

Product advantages

Different from 321 steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) and 304 steel (0Cr18Ni9) used in domestic similar products, our product is made of 301 steel (x10crni18-8), which has low carbon content, which can improve the resistance to intergranular corrosion of stainless steel; meanwhile, the content of Cr is strictly controlled from the perspective of environmental protection; because of the strong affinity between Ti and N, the strength of stainless steel will be affected Therefore, Ti is removed. Our products adopt large crystal structure, the internal crystal arrangement is neat, the crystal directional growth, the material is uniform, so the performance of the external magnetic, so that the metal has good toughness, tensile strength and hardness. Our product processing technology is more complex and rigorous than similar products, the technological content of the process determines the value of the product.