Kato tangless threaded insert

Introduction to Kato tailless inserts:

Kato tailless screw sleeve is a new type of thread sheath product developed on the basis of common thread sheath. Kato tailless screw sleeve overcomes the shortcomings of traditional thread sheath mounting handle and low installation efficiency The slotting position of the handle can not be controlled accurately, resulting in the phenomenon that the tail is not easy to be broken or too easy to be broken. When the handle is removed, the tail end is easy to protrude, which affects the thread screw in, and seriously affects the product quality. After the tail is removed, it is not easy to clean up, which is easy to cause retention, and even affects the quality of the whole product.

At the same time, the traditional steel wire screw sleeve seriously affects the production efficiency when installing and removing the handle, and the installation is slow. Kato tailless screw sleeve adopts thread rotation and hook type installation tool, which fully considers the installation efficiency, does not need to remove the handle and has no directionality.

Advantages of Kato tailless inserts:

As the most advanced steel wire insert without mounting handle in the world, Kato tailless steel wire screw sleeve has many advantages, the most important is convenient installation, no direction and convenient installation. It can save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the tedious link of installing handle with ordinary tail steel wire insert!

Kato tailless steel wire insert installation tools are complete, including pneumatic, electric tools, batch installation of supporting tool bracket, etc., which is suitable for mass installation and use, and has great help to improve work efficiency

Installation method of Kato tailless insert:

1. Put the tailless sleeve on the top of the tool axis (no direction required, they are bidirectional)

2. Adjust the tailless screw sleeve to the appropriate screw hole, and screw off the manual tool (electric tool). It can automatically install and exit the installation tool, and then install the screw.