Southco Floating fasteners

Southco, the largest fastener company in the world, was founded in Pennsylvania in 1899. The main application fields of sosco's products are: network, communication, computer, cars, trucks, buses, diversified products, etc. As a company with a history of more than 100 years, sosco has become a global leader in providing engineering fasteners, services and comprehensive solutions.

We provide Southco series products and establish strategic alliance with sosco brand

Sosco multipoint locking system

·Rod roller compression system

·Ram handle driving device actuator

·Fixed keeper

·Floating keeper

·Keeper assembly

·Rod assembly

·Actuator assembly - locking

·Keeper assembly

·Hidden latch with floating keeper


·Remote latch, packaged

Sosco push lock

·Corrosion resistant push lock without key lock

·Corrosion resistant push lock with key lock

·Snap in latch

·Sliding latch, tab style

·Magnetic door lock series

·Touch latch * * (S-L)

·Flush simplicity latch

·Flush simplicity latch

·Embedded handle door lock (stainless steel) latch, flush pull, SS (ISO f)

·Flush pull latch, white

·Flush pull latch, white

·Push pull latch, black

Susco hinge (hinge)

·Positioning - advantage hinge

·Door positioning Hing

·Nylon lift - off hinges

·Constant friction ridge, black

·Adjustable hinge, black

·Door positioning Hing

·Nylon lift off hinge, M5 offset knuckle

·Nylon lift off hinge, M5 offset knuckle

·Adjustable compression adj compression hinge

·Door positioning hinge

·Door positioning hinge

· 96-50-520-50


Soskola movable door lock

·Upper eccentric series keeper

·Flexible draw latch


·Upper eccentric series draw latch**

·Pneumatic with 110mm latch body

·Flexible draw latch / T-handle

·Keeper plate, activated

·Link lock inboard spring standless

·Flexible draw latch of T-handle series pull type door lock

·Soft draw latch with reverse keeper


·Upper eccentric series draw latch

Sosco handle and handle

·Pocket pull handle, black UL94 Vo

·Pocket pull

·Case handle series, embedded handle (large) snap in pull

·Snap in pull, VO rated

·Snap in pocket pull, large black

·Snap in pocket pull

·Snap in pull, VO rated

·Pocket pull flush handle, small

·Snap in pull, VO rated

·Pocket pull flush handle, black

·Small pull, black anodised M4 thread

Soxhlet fastener


·Fast lead thread screws

·Polished series bolt fastener CPTV screw asmb

·Knurl head screw, CS

·Bolt fastener 6-32 Phillips / slot flare

·Slotted m3 press in captive screw

·Spring plunger

·Spring plunger

·Spring loaded plunger, press in (zinc)

·Press in m3 Mini captive panel screw

·Pocket type, low flat head series capture 6-32 Phillips screw, flare in

·M6 internal screw assembly "n"

·M3 Phillips / slot press in "n"

Sosco compression door lock

·Folding T-handle with cup style

·Single hole mount

·Gasket (accessory) gasket

·Lift and turn latch

·Adjustable grip latches

·Lever latch BLK raised trigger