HARD LOCK locking nut

Hard-lock products, with "reliable" and excellent anti loose performance, and easy to install, can be reused (dozens of times), due to less maintenance and inspection, and low operation cost, so it can meet the requirements of all customers.


HL and HLB series to lock nuts are satisfactory to all customers. With reliable anti-seismic performance, they enjoy a good reputation not only in China's high-speed railway EMUs and Shinkansen in Japan, but also in the world. This series of products are made according to the principle of wedge action. The performance of each product greatly exceeds the requirements of nas3350 and 3354.


Through the above tests, it has been proved that each product has good incarceration force, can resist any type of impact, and maintain a stable state of confinement. Hard-lock products can be used in railways, highways, bridges, skyscrapers, iron towers, industrial machinery, special automobiles, ships, wind power generation and machinery People, etc.


In addition, excellent performance was also shown in the loosening test of Junker Junker (Germany) shaft right angle screw. As a kind of nut to prevent loosening, the strong fastening nut used in railway, high-speed company, bridge, iron tower and other projects has to withstand all kinds of vibration and impact. The data in the loosening test of the NAS type (USA) and Junker type (Germany) axle right angle screw shows that the strong fastening nut can keep stable locking state for any impact. Compared with the data of other universal nuts, the advantages of the strong fastening nuts are also clear at a glance.


Advantages of hard lock nut:

1. No base is required

2. It can be used repeatedly without any reduction in performance

3. Only a wrench is needed for installation

Features of hard lock nut:

1) The effect of anti loosing is very good, semi permanent (basically no change due to the environment over the years)

2) The middle position of the male thread can also be completely tightened. (the position can be adjusted easily with a wrench)

3) It can be reused. (because it is made of all metal, there is little wear part)

4) Simple and good operability. (much better than normal double nuts)

5) Provide economic advantages. (the overall cost also has many advantages)

Fastening principle:

Screw the concave nut on the screw until the concentric cone concave part touches the eccentric conical protrusion of the middle convex nut. The middle convex nut can be fixed by base or spanner without base. Create a tightening torque between the 2 nuts. Through the protrusion of the eccentric cone of the middle convex nut, not only the vertical tightening force (up and down the thread) is formed, but also the horizontal tightening force is formed by the eccentric cone protrusion. The middle convex nut is pulled into the screw thread in one direction, while the concave nut is pulled in the opposite direction. The stability of hardlock nut is guaranteed by three kinds of tightening force.

Even if it is used repeatedly, the tightening performance of hardlock nut will not be reduced, and the nut or screw thread will not be excessively worn due to repeated disassembly and assembly.