DMC Safe electric cable

Daniels production company is considered to be the leading manufacturer of aerospace tools and has experienced at least five generations of tools. Products are used in every area of the defense system. With more than 50 years of production experience, DMC is one of the top tool manufacturers in the aerospace tool industry. DMC products are widely used in defense systems, aviation engineering, land and sea transportation systems, space exploration projects and many other production support activities. In the field of civil aviation, DMC is famous for its clamp tool. DMC's clamp tool is a very complete system, from tools to accessories, as well as product testing, maintenance, integration services.

The aerospace industry has been looking for a cable that is highly reliable, lightweight, clean, soft and low toxic in harsh environments. Therefore, as the world's leading wire and cable manufacturer, DMC has been developing new materials, developing new cables and improving the configuration of the whole system performance. We also produce safety t-cables.

Application safe-t-cable is manufactured from a consistent installation due to the quality of application tools and materials used due to repeatability and reliability. All need to ensure overall in manufacturing and reliability - maintenance use several crimped cable assemblies for regular testing.

Material Science

The same high-performance alloys are used for aerospace fasteners and other components, as well as for safe-t-cable. To enhance strength and corrosion resistance, required durability and long life. All components (combination fittings, cables, and user application sleeves) are made of the same material. 321 stainless steel (as3510) is the most common safe-t-cable? Material. It is used for most engine fuselage applications. Nickel 600 (as3509) is suitable for high temperature real and / or magnetic applications, and the new nickel 625 (as3655) has excellent corrosion resistance.


Convenient tools

Light weight ratio of lockwire

Improved safety fasteners

Reduce large amount of rework

Easy to operate with simple training

Simplified installation procedure

Reduce installation inspection time

Risk reduction and carpal tunnel injury